Intelligent Laundromat System
By Suhardy Datuk Mohd Noor Follow | Public

With over 30 years combined experience of our dynamic management team in the Laundry Industry, we have created PakarDobi 24 to become one of the most well-known self-service laundromat brand in Malaysia. With our full commitment towards creating an awesome customer experience, we have pioneered in realizing an intelligent, smarter laundromat that can provide SmartControl™ Laundromat System remotely monitors and control any aspects that needs your immediate action for your outlets. Your success is our success! Further innovation in the smart laundromat technology, our customer will be able to access washer/dryer availability using SmartView™ and alerts them when any occupied machine becomes available. Our SmartControl, SmartView and our iLaundromat secure card systems enhance your customers’ experience while driving down your costs. Plus, you can track customer transaction history and minimize theft and vandalism. Whether you accept payments using the Internet and/or text messaging, or you choose to process cash and credit/debit transactions onsite, it’s convenient for customers and economical for you.

Each of our outlet will be equipped with a Centralised Payment Center that utilized Prepaid Cash Card to that can be reloaded at the payment center to use our service, and be happy to receive our daily mystery promotion. The outlet is fully-monitored in real-time using our iLaundromat™ System Dashboard that will provide and overall summary of our electrical cost, gas usage, water usage with over 30 reporting data, besides being able to provide us with up-to-the-minute machine usage and daily income etc. With reliable and robust data collected from many industry players, we aims to provide high quality, fast, reliable, and affordable 24/7 service with smart laundromart solutions provided.

Therefore, we invite Coin-Operated Laundromat all over the world to embrace the technology innovation and upgrade your outlets that will future-proof your laundromat. The intelligent ,smarter laundromat solutions will undoubtly attract new customers - for providing an all new laundry experience. Learn more about your customers with customer transaction analytics & insights that will be use to analyse customer segments and buyers persona. You might be suprised that you will actually get your money faster & easier - no need to collect coin from your machines; payments are cleared quickly to your bank account. This will provide excellent marketing opportunities to your customers and local community as a whole.